Wine Tour


On the ancient plain of Oia, in the island of Santorini, the winery of DOMAINE SIGALAS can be found. Here, the most vibrant variety of the Mediterranean zone, the Santorini Assyrtiko as well as the Aidani, Athiri, Mandilaria and the Mavrotragano are put to the best use possible, and with the proper respect to their organoleptic characteristics, the quality wines are produced which receive acclaim in international competitions, both in Greece and abroad.

The winery is open to the public and the visitor can tour the areas and become acquainted with the taste of the Santorini wines as well as sample the culinary delights of the Cyclades, since there is a wine tasting room which can hold as many as 40 guests.

The scenic location of the winery and the positioning of the wine tasting room to the west, affords the opportunity to all guests to enjoy the colours of the setting sun as it descends on the vineyard.