Your journey to Santorini’s gastronomy starts upon your arrival at the Windmill Villas in Santorini. Upon request, our welcome treats include traditional products and wines from the island of Santorini. Keep in mind that Santorini offers a considerable range of unique products as the special volcanic soil gives them a distinct flavour.

Do not miss tasting the small Santorini tomatoes, the white eggplant, the peanuts, the fruits and vegetables and of course the delicious fava which is cultivated on the island for more than 3.000 years. Discover traditional and creative dishes at the restaurants proposed on our dining section by clicking on the following the link.

A visit to Santorini will not be completed without tasting some of the famous island’s dishes. Go for appetizers like the tomato balls, made with the local variety of small tomatoes, enjoy fava with caper and onion, fresh fish from the Aegean Sea, chloro cheese that is produced only on the island of Santorini and the local sausages along with vegetables and fruits from the island. As for sweets do not miss meletinia made with cheese embraced by thin dough or koufeto made just with local honey and almonds.

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