Krinaki Restaurant



“Krinaki”, a “kanava” of 1832, (an area where wine was produced and stored), was turned into a traditional tavern by Christos Marcosane and Antonis Patelis.

“Krinaki” is situated at Finikia village, which is on top of the plains of Oia in Santorini.

“Krinaki” has a unique relationship with the traditional agricultural products of this village. Dishes have always been created based on these products, such as fava, roasted eggplants with fresh tomato and fresh cheese, tomato balls with fresh mashed tomatoes, caper and caper leaves in salads.

It would be unfair not to mention that “Krinaki” is like a refuge to vegetarians, since they have a great variety of choices.
None the less, a variety of meat dishes are grilled at “Krinaki”‘s barbecue. Just to mention roasted lamb, kokoretsi, exohiko, kontosouvli, lamb ribs, burger. Greek dishes that are famous all over the world.