In 2016 a group of four food enthousiasts met and a new idea was born. One of the group is the owner of an old winery dating back to 1848 . Another, a renowned restraunteur and chef who over the last 23 years has converted his passion for ‘food’ to a success story at Lefkes in Athens.
In 2017 Lefkes is travelling to Foinikia, Santorini to Taso’s Winery or as the locals call it “Kanava”. Here the gastronomic journey of flavours continues with chef Tasos Doumas opening the doors of the Kanava and welcoming all to this new venture.

Foinikia is a well preserved traditional village of Oia, where during the prosperity of Oia through its maritime era, there lived the farmers who worked in the fields and surrounding vineyards . They, along with the wealthy ship-owners, built the Kanaves where Santorinian wines were created and stored.
Large, impressive, underground structures dug into the volcanic rocks have left their mark untouched in this traditional village.
One of these ,the most famous, was carved by a local craftsman in July 1848 and it was the venue where many celebrations and festivals have taken place.Taso’s Kanava will now house the passionate ‘food’ creations of Tasos Doumas and Lefkes restaurant.