Wines of Santorini

The cultivation of vine in Santorini has a very long tradition and the wines of the island are among the most famous wines produced in the Mediterranean Sea. The volcanic soil of Santorini is giving to the grapes distinctive tastes and aromas which you will enjoy by opening and tasting bottles of wines such as the sweet Vinsanto and other wines made by the varieties of Athiri, Aidani, Assyrtiko, Maurotragano and more. White and red, the wines of Santorini will captivate your gastronomic palette as you are enjoying the island’s landscape from the privacy of your Windmill Villa.

The vineyards of Santorini are scattered around the island and you will find more than 10 wineries offering wine tastings. Ask the people of Windmill Villas to arrange a wine tour to the wineries of the island so that you can try all the different types of Santorini wines along with local appetizers. You can visit one or more wineries on the island through an organized tour or let’s create together a must-visit wineries plan. Close to the Windmill Villas, your will find one of the most famous wineries on the island, the Domain Sigalas, where you can enjoy local wines of high quality.

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